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C&O Equipment Company & A.P.E.

A.P.E. (Asphalt Paving Equipment), Inc. is a new company focused on solving an old and persistent problem: potholes in our streets, roadways and parking lots. These potholes damage our vehicles and fray our nerves. They seem to defy efforts to repair them since most will reappear within a few months of being repaired, often larger and more treacherous than before. A.P.E. is committed to fixing this problem.

A.P.E. Pothole Filling

The A.P.E. Pothole Fill model LP 310 machine is exclusively designed to dispense DOT – Pothole Filler® components as a slurry pothole fill for use on asphalt and concrete roads, parking lots, and similar surfaces. The machine automatically mixes and dispenses a proprietary combination of dry bulk aggregate, liquid, and activator in prescribed ratios to create the long-life pothole repair. The A.P.E. Model LP 310 is mounted on a 9,900 lb. GVWR tandem axle trailer designed to comply with DOT road-worthy requirements for the USA and Canada.

LP310 Features

> 50 HP Cat Industrial Diesel > On-board priming system for use on tough-to-seal holes
> Closed loop hydraulic controls for metering pumps and augers > Capacity for up to 8 hours of pothole filling without reloading (250 gallon of part A and 250 gallon of part B)
> Full electronic maching control > Pothole filling feed rate of 5 to 7 gallon per minute
> Automatic on-board cleaning system > An easy to use pouring boom reaches up to 9 foot from the rear of the machine
> Easy switching from normal pothole filling to crack-filling and other special applications > An easy to use pouring boom reaches up to 9 foot from the rear of the machine
> An optional air compressor with hosing to blow out potholes > The machine includes a pair of LED flood lights for working in low-light conditions
> A machine fully loaded weight of 9,900 lbs with tongue weight below 1,200 lbs > The machine noise emissions are less than 80 dBA to allow work in residential neighborhoods